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časopisy vydávané ve Velké Británii


Elle Decoration

ED - náhledAs one of the country's favourite home interest magazines, Elle Decoration is the leading authority on decoration and interior design.

Priding itself on making great designs accessible to everyone, each issue comes with expert advice on how to replicate the best ideas in your own home, as well as where to look for all the latest interior accessories and decoration tools.

The magazine also has some stunning photography of the most beautiful properties from around the globe, giving you even more inspiration for your space.



RE - náhledFor someone who loves crafting with an upcycling twist, Reloved is the perfect magazine. With an emphasis on breathing new life into old, forgotten objects, Reloved brings a hands-on approach to this thriving pastime.





Outdoor Fitness

OF - náhledOutdoor Fitness, Britain's only magazine dedicated to helping you get fit and train for amazing challenges and events, all in the great outdoors. Each issue is packed with expert advice on how to get in shape and stay fit, alongside inspirational adventures. So whether you want to run a first 10K or take on a desert marathon, try a triathlon or ride 100 miles, climb a Munro or row the Atlantic, we'll be with you every step and pedal stroke of the way.



Dogs Today

DT - náhledDogs Today magazine campaign hard for improvements to dog health and welfare and provide the most comprehensive help and advice for acquiring and training a new dog. Innovative, entertaining and ethical! With 132 pages each month, typical content includes: TV dog trainer Victoria Stilwell, assistance dog crusader Allen Parton, alternative vet Richard Allport, investigative TV journalist Jemima Harrison, in-depth celeb dog owner interviews, ground-breaking investigative journalism, true stories of remarkable dogs, Problem-solving, unbeatable advice and support, competitions and giveaways and much, much more.



LS - náhledLandScape magazine reflects the interests of people living rurally or semi-rurally in the landscape and nature around them, the uniqueness of British traditional crafts, the satisfaction of growing and cooking their own food, and the joy of simple activities within their circle of family, friends and community.

The magazine covers seasonal gardening, cookery, craft, people and places in the British countryside, and its nature. Each issue delivers a wealth of information in an easy-to-read style, with simple layouts and an expansive page allocation for each subject, illustrated with beautiful images.


Food and Travel

FT - náhledWritten exclusively for people who love gourmet travel and exciting flavours, this magazine covers everything from tips for your next foodie getaway, to unusual and exotic ingredient suggestions to impress your friends and dinner guests. There are plenty of internationally inspired recipes from chefs including Tom Kerridge and Yotam Ottolenghi, as well as advice on the perfect wines to match your creations. A Food and Travel magazine will also help you to discover the most desirable culinary destinations in the UK and abroad, with feature pieces on the best international cuisine, as well as tried and tested restaurants and delis to suit every budget.


Lonely Planet Traveller

LP - náhledThe contributors to this leading travel magazine have scoured the globe in order to bring you amazing first-hand insights into hundreds of holiday destinations from across the globe, as well as local knowledge to help you make the most of your next trip abroad.Detailed feature articles are complemented by stunning photography, whilst handy pull-out mini guides provide you with a compact travel companion.With dozens of must-see sights and attractions, guides to the best local delicacies and hundreds of tips for everything from hostels to hotels, a Lonely Planet Traveller magazine will guide you through the process of booking your next luxury holiday or last-minute break.



E - náhledThis film magazine has loads of news, reviews and interviews from the world of movie-making to keep you informed on all the gossip every month. In every issue of Empire magazine you'll find great features like 'Classic Screen' transcripts of memorable movie dialogue and 'Pint of Milk', where celebrities are quizzed on unusual topics to reveal how far their feet are from the ground. The 'At Home' section guides you through all the best DVD and Blu-ray releases, so whether you're looking for a horror or a comedy, you'll find plenty of recommendations from expert critics to help you plan your movie night wisely.



R - náhledRed magazine brings you this best selling magazine featuring gorgeous fashion that you can actually wear, expert health & beauty advice, inspirational & entertaining ideas and intelligent writing on the issues that really matter to our readers. Get to Red magazine for a gorgeous, luxurious and, above all, relevant read for today's thirty-something women, who spend their days living real lives in fabulous shoes! Red magazine offers an unrivalled quality of photography and journalism, in a sun-drenched, glossy package that mirrors their readers' passion about style in all areas of their lives. Red magazine's unique formula of stunning fashion and beauty, practical lifestyle pages and features make an emotional connection with their readers.


National Geographic Kids

GNK - náhledAn excellent read for curious kids, National Geographic Kids magazine is full of fun and educational articles about the planet's natural wonders. Readers can learn all about ancient cultures and civilisations, including curriculum staples like the Ancient Egyptians and Romans, as well as important issues like endangered species and global warming, introducing them to serious ideas in a straightforward way. With this kids' magazine, readers can enter competitions to win great prizes, and you'll find loads of puzzles and projects in every edition to keep the kids busy at weekends.


časopisy vydávané v České republice


Aspen Review

AR - náhledThe primary objective of the quarterly journal is to present current issues from different viewpoints to the general public. The publication contains analyses and commentaries by renowned Central European journalists and thinkers. Each issue is divided into four sections: Cover Story, Politics, Economy, and Culture. 



C - náhledA fun and accessible introduction to English that will excite and engage beginners of all abilities and interests!

Vibrant and visual magazines packed with short articles, comic strips, puzzles, quizzes, videos, interviews and songs.

Regular features include: Culture Crew (Video), Role-play Rap, One Direction cartoon (with online animation) Music; Sport; Spot the Difference


CR - náhledBuild confidence in reading, listening, writing and speaking. Crown promotes a love of learning English by using engaging texts on teenage life and English-speaking culture from around the World, recycling and practising students’ vocabulary, tenses and grammar, built on a solid syllabus.

Regular features include: A Teen’s Guide to British culture; Culture Quiz; Signs you see in Britain; If …..were on Facebook; The CROWN Story.


T - náhledHelps students to emerge as independent readers of English and inspires them to read and discuss in English for pleasure as well as purpose.

TEAM expands students’ vocabulary and grammar and presents the English-speaking life and culture as well as debating topical teen issues.

Regular Features: The Twitter Page; The Journey; Five Teens – Five Lives; What Britain thinks about …


CL - náhledDeepens cultural understanding and helps students to improve accuracy and fluency in English.

Stimulates discussion, boosts vocabulary and motivates students to practise and reinforce their skills ready for exams.

Regular Features: CLUB News; Behind the Headlines; CLUB Pulse; The Debate; CLUB Image


CU - náhledCurrent is a fully supported extensive reader that pushes students in their fluency and idiomatic understanding across a range of contexts and encourages debate and discussion.

Explores the English language; gives a deeper cultural understanding of the institutions and issues affecting the English-speaking world.

Regular Features: News 24/7; Culture Uncovered; Up-Close; Reality Check; The Buzz; Evolution English; Flashpoint


G - náhledje časopis pro druhý stupeň základních škol, a pro žáky začátečníky na úrovni A1-A2. Základem časopisu GATE je živá angličtina odpovídající potřebám čtenáře i učitele.

Časopis GATE, vychází 8x ročně v rozsahu 20 či 36 stran. Opírá se o osmnáctiletou tradici Nakladatelství Bridge Publishing House, skupiny rodilých mluvčích, metodiků i spolupráce s učiteli základních i středních škol, při tvorbě anglických výukových materiálů.

Časopis GATE je produkt, který má učiteli pomáhat jako kvalitní doplněk výuky a žáky bavit a motivovat k výuce anglického jazyka ve škole i při domácí přípravě.



B - náhledje anglický měsíčník určený studentům středních škol v České a Slovenské republice. Jedná se o výukový časopis zaměřený na anglický jazyk, s obsahem aktuálním i didaktickým. Spolupracujeme s Ministerstvem školství ČR na přípravách žáků na nové maturity dle požadavků CERMATu.

Hlavním zájmem časopisu je přinášet studentům zajímavý obsah napsaný odpovídající úrovní anglického jazyka, a umožňovat tak efektivní a zábavnou formu studia angličtiny. Pro pedagogy časopis připravuje metodickou podporu a řadu aktivit, které pomáhají při výuce a usnadňují ji.



D - náhledČasopis Drive je jedinečný lifestylový měsíčník ve zjednodušené angličtině, vhodný pro mírně až středně pokročilé studenty angličtiny. Přináší jedinečnou kombinaci aktuálního a zajímavého čtení od rodilých mluvčích a obrazové kvality. U článků jsou slovníčky v češtině.

Drive je časopis pro moderního čtenáře, který se zdokonaluje v angličtině a zajímá ho zdraví, sport, móda, kultura, technika a ekonomie. 

Business Spotlight

BS - náhledBusiness Spotlight je časopis určený těm, kteří potřebují business English pro svou profesi. Tento unikátní časopis vás naučí komunikovat v angličtině na profesionální úrovni, čímž přispěje k vašemu osobnímu rozvoji a kariérnímu růstu. Časopis je připravován jak novináři, tak rodilými mluvčími a jazykovými odborníky, přičemž české vydání Business Spotlight je vydáváno v licenci vydavatelství Spotlight Verlag. Mezi témata tohoto časopisu patří nejen interkulturní komunikace, ale také manažerské dovednosti, e-business a kariérní postupy. Pravidelně se tak objevují rubriky jako technology, management, test, intercultural communication, language at work, business skills a další.


starší čísla dříve odebíraných časopisů


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